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The Gothenburg Summit and the European Pillar of Social Rights: Towards a Social "Triple A" ?

European leaders and social partners will gather in Gothenburg on 17 November 2017 for a “social summit for fair jobs and growth”. This meeting will furnish the occasion for the proclamation on a “European Pillar of Social Rights”.

16/11/2017 Tribune - Sofia Fernandes

The Schengen area and the extension of the border control within the EU - Yves Pascouau dans Le Monde

an article about the Schengen area and the extension of the border control within the EU entitled "L'Allemagne se prépare à mettre en danger Schengen" in the French newspaper interviews Yves Pascouau, associate Senior Research fellow at the Jacques ...

09/11/2017 Interview - Yves Pascouau

"Wise words for Britain on managing the Brexit process" - Pascal Lamy in The Financial Times

An article about the Brexit talks entitled "Lamy has wise words for Britain on managing the Brexit process" in the British newspaper The Financial Times interviews the emeritus President of the Jacques Delors Institute, Pascal Lamy.

25/10/2017 Interview - Pascal Lamy

Czech Republic: a Weakened EU Partner

The formation of a government will be difficult for the winner of the Czech legislative elections, Andrej Babis, embroiled in scandals. But he will probably not follow the lead of Hungary and Poland.

24/10/2017 Tribune - Martin Michelot

Posted Workers: How to Ensure a Fair Mobility?

The labour ministers of the EU will meet in Luxemburg on 23 October for a landmark meeting on the European framework for posted workers; today, it is necessary to analyse the issue of posted work in Europe and the challenges of this mobility.

20/10/2017 Tribune - Sofia Fernandes

Electric Cars: a Driver of Europe's Energy Transition

At a time when China is leading the transition to electric vehicles, Europe is at risk of lagging behind. In order to push European manufacturers to be proactive players in the transformation of the automotive industry, the EU must adopt ambitious ...

16/10/2017 Tribune - Emilie Magdalinski and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin
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